Uncork the Journey

Welcome to Wineaux Living! Following a very lengthy, five year absence, filled with many challenges, heartaches and changes, it is with great joy that I return to the blogosphere with my wine blog. I have come out on top and look forward to once again sharing my thoughts and wine experiences with you all. Some of you may recall my original blog, Wineaux, and hopefully you have all hung in and are just as excited as I am about this return.

As mentioned there have been some changes, one of which is I am now working in the wine industry. This is super-exciting news! When I started Wineaux five years ago I was working full-time in the event industry and writing my blog as a wine enthusiast as time permitted. Now I will be bringing Wineaux Living to you as a wine professional. My goal is still the same – to uncork my enthusiasm and dispense my knowledge – all with a touch of humor thrown in. Now I will have more insights to the industry and hopefully more time to post.

I recently read somewhere that “every empty bottle is filled with stories”. I believe that to be true and hope to share these stories with you as we uncork the journey together. So whether you are a wine lover like me, an occasional drinker or a teetotaler, I hope you will follow along, as I believe there will be something for everyone here on Wineaux Living!

Cin Cin!

Kim K.


“Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.”
― Andre Simon

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