International Albariño Day!

A Festival of National Tourist Interest since 1977, International Albariño Day is held each year in the small coastal town of Cambados in western Spain each year during the first few days of August. It is only in the last decade that this little-known white has achieved international distinction and people around the globe chose one day to celebrate this fine grape; this year it is August 1.

Commonly grown in Rias Baixas, a wine region in Galicia in northwestern Spain, Albarino is a crisp, fragrant acidic white variety that pairs well with light to mild cuisines. Shrimp, scallops, halibut, sole, tilapia, octopus, crab, trout, chicken, and tofu are ideal matches, as well as soft cheeses and citrusy or herby dishes. In addition, Albariño stands well on its own as an aperitif.


Grown in Portugal as well, Alvarinho (same grape!) is grown in the northern Monção and Melegaço, which, ironically, is situated close to Rías Baixas on the southern banks of the Minho River. The two grapes share similar names and flavor profiles; both are crisp and acidic, high in alcohol with apricot and peach essences.

Whether you choose Spain or Portugal (or both), uncorked a bottle of Albariño today and enjoy this noteworthy summer white.

Cin Cin!