World Malbec Day!


Since 2011, Malbec fans around the world have been celebrating World Malbec Day every April 17. Established by Wines of Argentina, the day was created to help recognize Malbec as one of the leading wines in the world. 

Back in 1853, the then President of Argentina, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, ordered Frenchman Michel Aimée Puget to bring Malbec vines and others from France to help boost Argentina’s wine industry. In 1863, France was hit with the phylloxera plague, which resulted in the erosion of many varietals; Malbec being one of them. Consequently, Argentina is one of the only countries that has original Malbec vines and they have truly prospered over the years, making Argentina a top wine producer.

A medium-bodied, red dry wine, an Argentine Malbec also has medium tannins and acidity. It exhibits lush flavors of plum, black cherry and blackberry on the palate followed by a smokey finish, while a Malbec from France will be less fruit forward and have a higher acidity.

Malbec is very food-friendly and easy to pair with just about anything. It is ideal with grilled or barbecued meats and sausages. Roasted and stewed beef or game, braised lamb, mushrooms, and spice-laden sauces are a perfect accompaniment to this versatile red.

So wherever you are in the world today, open a bottle of your favorite Malbec, and celebrate World Malbec Day!

Cin Cin!